God’s presence

At our mid-week prayer meeting, one of our pastors reminded us of a special time of revival at our mission base located in the Polillio Islands a few years ago. The service took an unexpected turn and ended up lasting for over 4 hours. The pastor had planned to minister about evangelism, but he felt re-directed to talk about God’s presence instead.

As he ministered about God’s presence, in a vision He saw the big hands of God come and begin touching the people. Those in attendance began to cry out and shout and praise the Lord, and it was a very special time of an amazing and Sovereign outpouring of the Spirit of God upon them. The Lord’s hands were collecting their tears into a bottle like they were considered something precious. He saw a bright beam of light shining upon them. He also saw a vision of some angels dancing and twirling, and worshipping the Lord along with them. Glory glory hallelujah!

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