Praise Reports Feb. 28

We are rejoicing in some very special answers to prayer the last several weeks! As you will notice below, from provision of finances to healings, and opportunities to witness – God is doing some great things! We give Him praise! He is so faithful!

Building Project Provision

We are making some good progress with a new building being constructed in an area where there is no other evangelical church. Our building funds were getting very low recently and we were crying out to the Lord for His provision. He has faithfully provided some more funds in such an amazing way for us to be able to continue that good work, and we rejoice and give Him praise!

Blessing the Prisoners

I got a good report today from our jail ministry team about how much the prisoners are enjoying some of the gospel devotional books we have made available for them to read in their language (Tagalog). Some are being read more than once, and passed around. They are asking for more…

Spiritual Growth

For those who have followed some of our reports about the recycle man in our neighborhood, here comes another amazing report. He has been coming regularly to Sunday services, and mid-week prayer meetings this year. I don’t think he has even missed one meeting the last several months.

After the prayer meeting this week he was asking me about helping sell some junk that has accumulated around our office. He told me that he is looking for a purpose in his life. Selling junk is about all that he knows to do. So, he wants to do it for the Lord. He wants to help us to sell our junk. Even though he is very poor, personally, he wants to donate the monies that come from that into our church building project fund. Wow! My heart was really touched with his expression of love and servitude! There are some who have so much and yet give so little, and there are others who have so little and yet are willing to give so much.


One man had a back injury recently. He didn’t sleep well, and was in bed a lot of the day in pain. When he came to our house that evening we prayed for him. He said he felt a physical sensation in his body, and then he was ok. The next day he was fine. We give the Lord praise!

Another man has been experiencing a struggle with anxieties and worries. The Lord is faithfully answering prayers for his healing and help in special ways as well. Glory to God!

A woman testified to crying out to the Lord for her husbands healing. He was experiencing some difficult physical complications. They are very poor. He didn’t need to be hospitalized, and is doing fine now. Praise the Lord!

Another woman was very sickly a few years ago before we came to her area with Bible studies. Now she is physically doing fine! Her appetite has returned, and she was giving the Lord praise this week when we visited her house!

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