‘Grab’ Driver

We were in Manila earlier this week. We were unable to drive our car on Tuesday due to city traffic regulations banning people from driving 1 day according to the last number of their license plate.


Often, when riding in taxi’s and transport vehicles we have opportunities to share the gospel. We were delighted when the ‘grab’ driver we were riding with wanted to hear more about the Lord. When we arrived at the guest house where we were staying, he parked his car, and was eager to pray to receive the Lord. Even though he got several more calls while parked, he shut them off and respectfully kept listening as we explained the good news Jesus came to bring.

A Bible

We were delighted to be able to send him on his way with a Bible to take along with him. May the seeds of God’s Word planted in his heart and family bring forth abundant fruit in Jesus name, and for His glory!

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