More Baptisms

Recently the parents of someone in our Tarlac City congregation visited here for a few weeks. They work overseas. The mother had already accepted the Lord and been baptized on her last trip home around a year ago. This trip the father came too, wanted to pray to receive the Lord, and was also baptized! Hallelujah!

Baptism Following Sunday Service

At a Bible study in their home, some of them wanted to pray to receive the Lord. I also suggested they might want to be baptized the next Sunday. However, I was pleasantly surprised and excited when I found out that 3 (including the father) came that Sunday wanting to be baptized that morning. We hurriedly made some arrangements, and had a glorious time at a nearby pool, singing and exalting our living Savior together. I was especially impressed with several of the ladies come up out of the waters of baptism laughing 🙂 Praise God for the joy He brings, and the glorious blessings of a new way of living!

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