Close to 2 weeks ago a thief entered our house while we were gone for just a few hours to check on our new church construction across the river in Balanti. It was around noon, and Teresa was here at the house all alone. PTL she was unharmed, but the thief entered our bedroom and got Colleen’s wallet out of her purse, and some other valuable things including my laptop, and her phone. Please be praying with us for God’s miraculous help needed in apprehending the intruder, and for the return of our stolen items. 

Difficult to Understand

We have so many things to still be thankful for, although of course it is very difficult to understand why this happened. We are so thankful that Teresa is safe! It could have been a dreadful scenario!

There are so many more things that could have been taken. We have the opportunity to exercise faith to believe that the Lord can and will work it all together for good, even as he promises to do! (Rom. 8:28)

Praise the Lord

Teresa was singing and playing the piano in her room part of that time, preparing for worship ministry that weekend. That may have frightened him off, and discouraged him from coming back for more stuff – who knows? We do know that the Lord dwells in our praises and encamps round about those that fear Him. He is our protector and wrap-around shield.

Even though I greatly miss some of the important files in my precious computer, especially relating to our “Light Brings Freedom” project, the Lord is helping us regroup and continue on. Hallelujah!

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