Provincial Jail Ministry

I just got in this morning from spending some time with the Warden at the Provincial Jail. We met with him to ask permission to bring the “Light Bring Freedom” resources along with a monitor to play the videos during our regular weekly ministry times in their chapel.

He was very appreciative of our help with the inmates, and welcoming of the “Light Brings Freedom” series. He is allowing us to bring the monitor equipment, as well as the lesson guides, and even pens to pass out for the prisoners that attend chapels to do the ‘fill-in-the-blank’ worksheets. It’s an amazing open door! The weekly attendance is estimated at approximately 40-50 attendees. Glory glory hallelujah!

Prayerful Desire for Church Plant

While we were there this morning, we also talked with one of the inmates who will be released soon. He lives in a nearby city. He owns property, and is expressing a desire to also have a church there at his place. Lord hear our prayer!

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