Prison Praise Reports (Cont.)

We are blessed as more praise reports and testimonies continue to be shared with us. Glory to the Lord!

Prisoners Changed

This week our team shared lesson #3 of the ‘Light Brings Freedom‘ series about making right choices and decisions. The chapel was packed out, with 60+ attendees. Once again there was an amazing and appreciative response, with sincere desires expressed by the attendees to change, and put it into practice.

Several more of the prisoners are wanting to be water baptized when released. They are appreciative or our regular ministry to them there in prison, and would like us to be the ones who assist them when they are baptized. Glory to God!

One of the women wants to have Bible Studies with her family when she gets out of prison.

A former prisoner who is now released has been facing temptations with former drug users that are wanting him to get back into that lifestyle. However, he remains strong, and is boldly witnessing to them about how his life has changed, and he is with Jesus now. He no longer wants to pursue a sinful lifestyle. He is determined to continue to set a good example for his children, and seems very happy with his new life… PTL!

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