More Seminar Reports

We have been getting some thankful and appreciative responses from some of the attendees at our ‘Light Brings Freedom’ Seminar last week in Lipa, Laguna. One pastor says he plans to use the 31-day resources provided for 31 Sundays in his church!

31 Sundays

Here is some of the text message the pastor sent to us…

“Glory to God!!! It was a great time indeed… Actually I do pray that we will be using your tools first on the church so that the family of God will be bless(ed) first by what you have shared to us before we continue to use it in the community. May the Lord be with us as we use your tools for 31 Sundays and continue to change everyone of us to be use(d) mightily for the glory of God…”

Life-Changing Impact

One of the pastors said that these resources are “life-changing”. That comment is especially significant coming from a pastors perspective. It shows perceptivity as to how they can be impactive in a personal way, as well as assist others with the need to be changed from glory to glory, and set at liberty through the powerful laser light of God’s Word.

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