Miraculous Healings

Yesterday while Caleb was treating our Nepalese neighbor for dinner, he laid hands on him and prayed for a sharp pain that he had been experiencing in his shoulder area. The pain disappeared, and our neighbor who is a doctor-in-training was so amazed at the obvious answer to prayer!

We also found out that our neighbor, who comes from a Hindu family background said that he feels that he is in the process of becoming a Christian! He has been praying, and experiencing peace. He has also been sharing some of the things he has been learning with others already. PTL! Glory glory hallelujah!

Blood Sugar Level

I also heard a good report yesterday about a special answer to prayer for someone who had a very high blood sugar level count a week ago. At their Bible study yesterday they were giving praise and thanksgiving because the count had dropped from around 200 to 100 already since having a time of prayer for it at the Bible study the previous week. Glory to Jesus!

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