Divine Appointment

Some friends invited us to come along with them on a special trip to one of the islands last week. While there, we connected with a young man staying in one of the rooms next to us who is from the United States. He lives in Vancouver Washington, very near to where we live.

Continued Contact

He has had a troubled past. We were able to spend some time together, and pray with him. We’ve been continuing to correspond via email, and we were delighted to hear from him again today. He said that he went back to church last Sunday (he’s back in the States now), and it was a blessing…

Here’s part of his email: “I have been watching some of the videos (Light Brings Freedom) online. You guys did a great job! I went back to church last Sunday. It talked about forgiveness. It hit home for me…”

Our contact and developing friendship has obviously been more than just a coincidence. It’s so amazing how our Awesome and Sovereign God can orchestrate ‘Divine Appointments’ from day to day along the way, as He directs our steps…

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