Mysterious Murder

We just got in this evening from visiting a bereaved family. A family member was murdered a few days ago. They do not know the details. His legs and hands were tied, he was shot 5 times and left out in a field where he was found. He was around 29 years old. He was not a Christian, and most of his family are not Christians. Obviously his family is in shock, and are stunned.

This kind of trauma is a serious reminder of the brevity of life, and the importance of preparing for eternity while we still have opportunity. Like the Bible says, “Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation.” (2 Corinthians 6:2) None of us know how long we have to live. Our times are in the hands of the Lord. We all need to carefully prepare while we still have breath in our bodies, because the time is coming when it will be too late, and our eternal destiny will be already be set!

Hell is Dreadful

Heaven and hell are very real places! Many people live like they don’t believe that these places really exist. They don’t live in the fear and awesome respect of God and His righteous judgments. We need to do everything possible to help rescue unbelievers from this terrible inferno of destruction. Oh Lord, help us!

If you have never watched “23 Minutes in Hell” vision of Bill Weise, or the “A Breath Away From Hell – parts 1 & 2)” and “A Letter From Hell” messages by Charles Lawson on youtube please check them out. They give an eternal perspective that many are not willing to consider these days. We took time to watch them today, and they are certainly very thought provoking, and revealing. They are very motivational to believe and share the true gospel of Jesus Christ that brings salvation from the awful curse of sin, and a blessed eternity with the Lord.

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