Praises to the Lord

The Lord is great and greatly to be praised! His goodness endures forever! He is wonderful, and does wondrous things! Blessed be His glorious name, and let the whole earth be filled with His glory! (Ps. 72:19-21; 48:1,2,7; 52:1; 145:3; 107:21; )


I heard a great testimony from a Christian man who was an overseas worker. While there he experienced a fire close to his home. The homes of others around him were burned (in other religious groups), but his home at the center wasn’t burned. It was a witness to those around. They marveled that his home was spared, and it gave him opportunity to witness for the Lord. PTL!


A man had a fish bone stuck in his throat. Some of his friends were giving him advice to dislodge it with various procedures. He just commanded it to be gone in the name of Jesus, and it disappeared and was gone. It gave him opportunity to give witness to the powerful name of Jesus, and the life of one of his friends that was in a cultish religion was greatly impressed by that. His friend is no longer part of that false religion, now.

Answers to Prayer in Process

Yesterday we had a great time at our men’s breakfast. We were rejoicing in the powerful gospel, and God’s great love! What a marvelous thing it is to be rescued from destruction and no longer destined to hell because of sin. Now we have been given hope of eternal life in the presence of the Lord forever! Jesus has exchanged HIs righteousness for our unrighteousness! Now by faith in Him we have a glorious hope! Hallelujah!

Chest pain

One of the men we prayed for at the end of the meeting yesterday has been having severe chest pain the Dr, said was related to chicken pox when a child (maybe shingles?).

When he pulled up his shirt he had severe rash across his chest, and has been in so much pain over the last several weeks he couldn’t even bear to lie down at night, but needed to sit up through the night. We anointed him with oil, and are believing together for healing.

Sick Boy

A young 14 year old boy has been desperately ill. If I understand correctly it is related to a hole in his heart. After coming home from the hospital recently he was so weak he couldn’t even walk, and has been extremely congested. When we went with his grandfather to anoint him with oil and pray for him last Sunday, he could hardly talk and barely sit up.

Some of our men went to check up on him and continue to pray with them after the meeting yesterday morning. They found him improving. PTL! Please continue to pray for him with us. Thanks!

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