Rescue the Perishing

In our service in Tarlac City last Sunday, before the message, we split into small groups to discuss progress being made in sharing the gospel. At the close of that time, several came before the congregation to give the Lord praise for some people who had prayed with them to receive the Lord last week. PTL!

Witnessing to a Neighbor

One of the ladies shared about going to her neighbor to witness about Jesus. She shared a ‘Bridge to Life’ tract, and prayed with her to receive the Lord! She has also been in contact with some of her friends by phone to let her light shine! PTL!

Witnessing to a Friend

Several of our young men went with a woman who was concerned about one of her friends. When they visited her friend, she not only wanted to pray to receive the Lord but wants a Bible study in her home, and desires to start attending services. PTL!

Church Construction Worker

One of the men who has been helping with our Church Construction project in Balanti is not yet a Christian. He says he is interested in having a Bible study with us along with his wife and daughter this Sunday afternoon. PTL!

Jail Visitation

Last Saturday I went with several of our young men to the Provincial Jail to visit some of the core leaders among the prisoners who are involved with jail ministries. It was a great time!

(Please especially note the picture caption for this journal entry. This was taken at our regular jail ministry time this week when showing the “Light Brings Freedom” video. If you look closely you will see Teresa on the video monitor during the showing of Lesson 16 – “HOW STRONG ARE YOU?” It was about spiritual growth and being rooted in Christ. We are sharing one lesson there per week, and are half-way through our 31-lesson “Light Brings Freedom” series of lessons. Teresa has a huge ministry impact there at the jail via video although she has never personally been there!)


Prison is a very challenging ministry environment. Reportedly one of their religious coordinators in the past stole the tithes and offerings, leaving some of them disillusioned. They are also struggling with some misunderstandings. Some manipulative, questionable, and unscriptural ministry under the guise of ‘spiritual gifts’ has left some of them confused and divided. Another ministry from the outside has been coming and sharing some un-Biblical teachings – attacking other churches and the use of instruments in praising the Lord, etc…


We had open forum type discussion where key people were able to openly share their concerns, and then a special time of prayer together. They seemed very encouraged and appreciative of it!


Last week we also shared some more Bibles with the inmates there. Some of them are having nightly devotional gatherings. They have also started a Bible reading devotional time in their chapel, after head-count in the mornings. That is a time when they come and sit there and read their Bibles together. Isn’t it cool to see that kind of interest and hunger for the Word in prison?

Inspiration and challenge

What about those of us on the outside of prison walls? Do we love the Word of God? Are we also taking time to read and study it? 2 Tim. 2:15 says “Study to show yourself approved of God, a workman who does not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (interpreting) the Word of truth”.  That is a lifetime challenge for all of us!

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