8 More Baptized

After the service yesterday we baptized 8! PTL!  Glory glory hallelujah!

After the baptism, I transported a mom and daughter home in our car. The daughter is only 6 years old. One of the highlights of the day for me was listening to the little girl share verses and stories from the Bible that she has been learning. Teresa is her hero! She listens to the “Light Brings Freedom” youtube video series almost every day, her mother said! The little girl says wants to be a missionary and travel the world helping people learn how to read the Bible (she is already reading the Bible herself) and share about Jesus. She’s a very bright 6 years old! She was dressed so pretty yesterday – like a little princess! Her mother says she figures out what she wants to wear for Sunday ahead of time, reminds her, and is so excited to come to church. Wow! We need some of our grandkids hanging around her, hehe 🙂

Her Mom was baptized. She (mom) was so excited about it! When I asked her to describe how she felt, she said it was beyond words – it was indescribable joy! She has been a Christian for around 2 months already, and is growing rapidly. PTL!

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