grab driver

Colleen and I were in Manila a few days ago, needing a driver to take us from the mission’s guest house we were staying at to the airport. Since our phones were already disconnected because of our pending trip out of the country, the secretary helped to arrange for a “grab” driver to come pick us up and take us there. However, we were quite surprised when another car that didn’t fit the description and license # given arrived to pick us up. We let him go. Later we found out the reason. The 1st one had canceled, so we called for another driver. A 3rd one came and that one took us to the airport. It seemed like such a divine appointment. He was very appreciative to hear the gospel and open. He listened carefully as we rode along. He hadn’t understood the Bible or the gospel very well before.

When we got to the airport, we sat in the car a little longer as he prayed along to receive the Lord. He seemed so delighted to do so, and sincere! He also seemed open to consider getting baptized when we return from our trip. Glory, glory hallelujah!

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