Jail Ministry Update

We continue to have weekly ministry at the Provincial Jail here in Tarlac, as well as on Sunday mornings there every other Sunday, with good response. There were around 65 inmates who attended the meeting there yesterday. PTL!

We are also keeping in contact with some of the prisoners who are being released. One of them currently attends our services with his family. We continue to have Bible studies with in another one living in a nearby city, and he came to our men’s meeting last Saturday. Another one has asked for a church plant with his family in another area which we hope to follow up on, as able.

Light Brings Freedom

We finished up the Light Brings Freedom series of 31 lessons there at the jail. They were very appreciative, and impacted! The lessons were also used for evening Bible studies with some of the inmates during the week. May the Lord continue to bring important life-changes, repentance and true conversions, for His glory!

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