Light Brings Freedom – Balanti

One of our outreach churches, “Bridge to the Islands – Balanti” is doing the Light Brings Freedom video and Bible lesson series. They regularly gather an hour before their Sunday service to do so. They are really enjoying it!

I took the caption picture for this journal post there at Balanti, a few Sunday’s ago.

1 thought on “Light Brings Freedom – Balanti”

  1. Glad your back. It is cool to see your effort to continue with “His” results to keep it all together in your absence. I’m sure you rejoice in that! Also please pray for Ambria as she her ticket for Wuhan, China where this new virus started and she has a plane ticket to fly there in on 3/2/20 to begin her work as a medical missionary. One might think bad timing but God works in our midst, no matter what, as Paul in NT. Do please pray for His will in this for her and that God might halt this virus. We come against this seem to be roadblock in Jesus name. Love, Wayne


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