Mission Trip to the Islands

It was exciting to go on another mission trip last weekend to one of our mission bases on the island of Patnanungan, in Polillio Islands. What a wonderful time!

We experienced some special answers to prayer. The blessing of the Lord was upon our ministry times together, and we saw some encouraging progress! PTL!

A Rainbow

The caption picture for this post was taken before our ferry boat left the port as we boarded and prepared to continue our trip approximately 3 more hours on out to the island.

This rainbow was especially meaningful to me at that time. Rainbows are always a special sign and beautiful reminder of the Lord’s covenant and promises of divine blessing upon us.

Blessed Trip HOme

Because of storm warnings, the coast guard did not allow the passenger boat to travel that we had expected to return on, Monday. A trip home takes a day of travel. We needed to be back for a scheduled baby dedication Wednesday morning. We got up early to prepare for the trip home Tuesday, but were told the passenger boat wasn’t allowed to travel again that day as well. However, they changed their minds, and ended up allowing the boat to go after all! Amazing! We found out about the schedule change in time to make arrangements for the 20-30 minute motorcycle ride (with 2 tricycles) with our luggage to the port in time to catch the boat! We were able to make it home in time for the baby dedication commitment, next day. PTL! That was an amazing answer to prayer!! An aunt of the little baby being dedicated was part of our mission team, and was overjoyed to be able to make it home in time to attend it!

These kinds of things might seem like just small, insignificant matters to some, but not to the Lord. He cares and provides faithfully for everything, however big or little, for His glory! We faithfully acknowledge Him and give Him praise!

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