House Project

Our house has been needing some major repairs for a long time. We are finally able to get to some of them this month. PTL!

Prayer to Receive the Lord

When bringing the construction manager to our house last week, negotiating the job, there was an opportunity to briefly share the gospel with him. When I asked him if he was interested in a Bible study, he told me “yes, he was”.

Before the day was over he not only wanted to pray to receive the Lord, but also showed interest in being baptized, as well! Glory to God!! May the Lord help us to continue to reach out to him as well as the rest of his crew as there is opportunity, and boldly share the gospel.

All Things Work Together For Good

Our house repairs have been a time consuming and expensive problem, with leaks inside and out that need urgent attention. Being able to see it all work together for good in giving opportunities to share the powerful, life-transforming gospel of Jesus makes it exciting!

1 thought on “House Project”

  1. Good to hear you can make the needed repairs. One always wants to be comfortable when they go home. It doesn’t have to be fancy but you like it warm and dry. I have lived in a small 1 bedroom apt here in Kenya for 5 years. It is small but it is reasonable and most of all I am very safe here. The Kenyan boy I’m raising here wants to move to the ground floor so when he gets his new bike this Christmas he can put it in the house. There is no room for a bike in the apt. And the ground floor apts are colder and less daylight. This is an issue we can’t agree on. I don’t like the cold….that is why I usually go to the States from May-Oct. I have 3 different classes going now and two of them are phone classes, one in Zambia and one in Malawi. It is exciting big one is at my current church. It started with 15 ladies now I’m down to 7, this is usual and the faithful ones really need the Word to give them strength and courage to face and overcome the abuse they are suffering under. j God is good and I can’t imagine living with our Lord and Savior. Love to hear about your ministry. God Bless. Claudia


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