Recently the Lord miraculously answered prayer for one of the families in our fellowship.

Their newborn child was suffering with a painful umbilical hernia. The Lord healed her, and now there is no more problem. PTL!

Following is their testimony, as written by the mother of the child:

“When Shekinah, my second daughter was about 3 weeks old, I noticed that there’s a bulging in her navel because she was always straining when she was trying to poop and it took her 4 to 5 days before she can poop but when she tries to force it to come out it cannot and that made her cry a lot and I thought that bulging is not normal and so i searched on the internet and found out that this problem is called Umbilical Hernia. When I saw that picture I sent (see above), it was exactly the same as my daughter’s navel whenever she strains from trying to poop and so that made me so worried and full of fear because when you search about it, it says that there’s no treatment but surgery when it didn’t come back to normal at the age of 6 years old or so. The time I knew about my daughter’s problem, i cried out to God and beg Him to take it away because I really felt that fear surrounded me and that I was so desperate for the healing of my daughter because I cannot afford to see her suffering a lot. When John went back from the worship practice, he saw me in tears and asked what happened. Then I told him about our daughter and he just sat with me laid hands on our daughter and we agreed in prayer together for her healing. Not so long after that night, our daughter was completely fine and well. We didn’t even have to bring her to her doctor because we believed that we have the best doctor who can help us and He is our Jehovah Rapha. She just turned 5 months yesterday and no more bulging of navel and that thing was just part of history. For some maybe this is no big deal but for us, we recognize that this is a miracle from the Lord and that in Shekinah’s life the name of the Lord is glorified indeed. Praises and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ! 

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