We had an exciting 2-day retreat last weekend!! We were blessed with overwhelming attendance! It was wonderful to see the Lord move mightily, and show forth His glory and faithfulness! People were sincerely crying out to God – being cleansed, healed, delivered, and set free. We are hearing many testimonies of miraculous life change, and awesome answers to prayer – some with tears rolling down their faces…!

Below I will highlight several of the outstanding testimonies:

God is truly a God of miracles!

Sister healed

Adhel attended the Encounter God Retreat. She is excitedly looking forward to celebrating her 1st Spiritual Birthday this month, and has grown a lot spiritually, this last year.

When Adhel got home from the Retreat Saturday evening, there was a message from her sister, who was in deep distress. Her sister was having some severe physical difficulties. When Adhel phoned, her sister was crying and crying. Her sister had been having a hard time breathing, part of her body was feeling numb, and said she felt like she was dying.

Adhel told her not to panic, that she would pray for her to be healed, but first of all she needed to accept Jesus. Adhel told her to repeat after her, and led her in a prayer of acceptance of Jesus as her Savior. Then she boldly prayed for her to be healed in Jesus name!

Next day her sister posted on FB thanksgiving praise for her healing! Adhel was amazed and joyful yesterday as she gave praise to the Lord for His miraculous help to her sister!


One of the ladies at the retreat gave a testimony about her son being healed. I’ll share it as best as I could understand it, through an interpreter…

When she got home the first day, she discovered her son was ill with a bad headache, and was tempted to take him to the faith healer (witchdoctor), which is a practice commonly done by many there in that area. However, her friend who had also been at the retreat told her not to do that, but instead pray to Jesus! That’s what she did, and the Lord answered her prayer! She was so excited when she gave the healing testimony before everyone that she was shouting happy, and so bold! (Normally she is a rather quiet, timid lady.) We were all so amazed!


With joyful hearts 4 ladies who attended the retreat were baptized yesterday.

They came from quite a distance to join our Sunday morning service. Following the service, we gave them teaching about baptism, with an opportunity to give public testimony and affirmation that they had accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and that they were committed to serve Him, now. All of their testimonies were special, giving praise to the Lord for changes of heart!

I was especially impressed when one of the women said that she enjoys Sunday’s so much that now she wishes ‘every day could be a Sunday’! That’s one of the exciting & special things about being a Christian — every day can be filled with joy because Jesus lives in us, and is with us always! His presence in our lives brings great joy!

After that we went to a nearby swimming pool and had another service, where they were baptized. They were all so-o happy!

Glory, glory hallelujah!!

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