God is a God of MIRACLES! The following testimony seems like a miraculous answer to prayer, at least to us…

Last Sunday afternoon, when the “JESUS – MIRACLE-WORKER!” message was shared with our ‘BTTI – Balanti‘ congregation here in Tarlac, our video projector wasn’t working for the service. At the end of the service the congregation was challenged to pray together for their own projector, and to believe together for the Lord’s miraculous provision of that need.

The next day, a relative of one of the families in the congregation phoned inquiring if a projector was needed. They were told that the congregation had just been praying for that need to be met on Sunday. A donation of a certain amount of money was offered for the purchase of the new projector.

We took our old projector to the shop last week for repairs, but were unable to get it back in time for the services yesterday. I went to check on the purchase of a new one. Although at first they didn’t think one was in stock, the projector we needed was found (it’s actually an upgrade… with full HD resolution, and WIFI). However, the purchase price for it was more than what the designated donation was. They told me that it was a fixed price (with no price negotiation possible for that item). I told them it was for a church, & mentioned to them the exact donation amount that was available. I asked for a special favor from the manager, wondering if we could get the projector for the donation amount, not their price. When they checked with the store management, the purchase price amount was lowered to EXACTLY the amount of the donation! Glory, glory, hallelujah!

We were able to purchase the new projector a few hours before it was needed, and were able to use it yesterday in the afternoon service there in Balanti! What a BIG blessing! I’m sure you will agree with us that seems like a MIRACULOUS provision! The Lord heard & answered prayer! We give Him praise! He is a MIRACLE-WORKER! The congregation prayed for it a week ago, and the answer was there by the next Sunday! Isn’t that totally AWESOME?

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