We had a wonderful youth camp last weekend, with youth coming together from various places to seek the Lord. It was joined by a missions team of 8 coming all the way from Polillio Islands (a days journey away from here). See picture below of the Polillio team with us…

There were a number of life-change testimonies shared, and it was awesome! It was so exciting to see the youth fervently praying and seeking the Lord (some with tears) to be filled with the Holy Spirit! That special time of prayer went on for close to 45 minutes! One young man testified following that time that his time at camp was the best time of his life! PTL! That’s the way it should be. Our best times ever, in the presence of the Lord! “In His presence is fulness of joy”! (Psalm 16:11) Jesus came to bring abundant (the very best) life…! (John 10:10)

We were so blessed with the team that came from Polillio Islands! (see picture) They were a great inspiration! Most of them had completed the Light Brings Freedom classes, and some of them are now teaching that class to others. Awesome! They shared testimonies of the life-changing impact that Light Brings Freedom has had on their lives! PTL! Following the camp they are doing some Light Brings Freedom classes with the youth at our Bridge to the Islands Moriones church, before they return to Polillio. We are hearing some great reports & testimonies from Moriones, as well!


One of the reasons the Polillio team was used so mightily by the Lord on their mission here was because of their diligent, persistent prayer! Preliminary to the trip each member of the team were praying 3 hours a day for 7 days! Even while they were here, many of them were rising at 12:00 midnight and 4:00 a.m. in the morning to PRAY! No wonder there was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit at camp!

One of the young ladies had a powerful vision during our time of prayer there at camp. Here is a summary of what I understood of it… In the vision her hand and arm was being held firmly by the Lord. Although her arm and hand was sweaty, it was clasped tightly. He was upholding it tightly and steadfastly and would not let go. Then the scene changed, and she found herself walking in a beautiful garden, hand in hand with the Lord!

Here’s a few thoughts regarding what that vision meant to me. In the midst of the heat of the day, wherever we are and whatever we are doing, the Lord is with us. He is helping us, and upholding us with His loving hand. He is able to protect us, and strengthen us, and persistently help us – not willing to let us fall away. He has a beautiful reward prepared and waiting for us in His beautiful garden (Paradise) enjoying His loving presence forever! It will be worth it all, someday, and forever! Hallelujah!

The missions team from Polillio Islands at youth camp – april 2021

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