Like the saying goes – “It’s a BATTLE-FIELD brother/sister – NOT a RECREATION ROOM!

I heard a deliverance testimony last weekend that I would like to pass along to you. One of our BTTI pastors has another pastor friend who was an eye witness of the following deliverance session –-  he was there…

A pastors’ son began showing strange behavioral patterns. He distanced himself from his family, stopped wanting to attend church, etc. In an intense prayer time it was obvious that he needed deliverance from demonic oppression. There were demonic manifestations of different voices, he was throwing up demons, etc.. The demons called themselves ‘legion’ and claimed that they had entered through his cell phone, as he played “Mobile Legends” (ML). It was a 4 hour long deliverance session, casting out multiple demons. Afterwards he destroyed his cell phone, and no longer wants to have anything to do with that devilish video game.

Below are some things that are being said about “Mobile Legends“. When we discussed this at our men’s meeting last Saturday, they confirmed the accuracy of these concerns. Some of them had also become addicted, but recently been set free and deleted “Mobile Legends” (ML) off their phones…

This can be a wake-up call to those who may have been deceived, or tricked into involvement with this evil game. There are many devilish traps on the internet these days that need to be discerned, and carefully avoided. Its popularity might be partly because there is money involved. This is just one of many evil videos, pictures, and activities on the internet that many people who claim to be Christians are entertaining these days…

—–-WARNING—— Here are some of the things people are saying about “Mobile Legends” (ML) Video gaming:

MOBILE LEGENDS IS A DEMONIC AND SATANIC INSPIRED GAME. It is destructive! It brings ruin to your life! It wastes your time, & can ruin your career! It interrupts your schedules. It negatively affects your decisions. It promotes foolishness – not wisdom. It can destroy good health and sleeping patterns. It negatively impacts your emotions, and relationships. It destroys your spiritual appetite, etc…

Christians should not be playing this demonic game. When people play this game, demon spirits enter and dwell in them without them even being aware of it. “Mobile Legends” is a powerful weapon of Satan to destroy someone’s devotional and prayer life; bring a spirit of addiction; destroy self-control; make a person feel angry; and prevent them from preparing for the Second Coming of Christ. Satan is using this game to destroy people’s relationship with God.

According to Google, as of 2021 there are already 2.8 BILLION people who have played “Mobile Legends” (ML), and it is estimated that number will increase to 3 BILLION players, soon! That’s DREADFUL!!


IT IS DESTRUCTIVE! We know that Satan is the source of evil & destruction! Jesus said, “The thief (Satan) does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

  • It has Satanic (illuminati) symbols, evil characters, etc… (it fills the mind with evil, bad things).
  • The fruit of it is bad!
  • It is addictive, and promotes destructive practices…
  • It is wasteful of your valuable time!
  • It doesn’t glorify the Lord, or edify…
  • It gives place to the devil, and devilish strongholds –(we are to resist the devil… it is no light matter to play around with… it is like playing with fire!)
  • We are to overcome evil with good, (not be overcome of evil) – Romans 12:21

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