ROMANS 8:28 “is still in the book”!

That is a life-impacting statement that my father shared with me many years ago. I went to visit him when he was confined in the hospital due to some heart issues. As I came into the hospital room that day it was shocking to see him lying there in a hospital bed. He had always seemed so healthy and strong. He looked at me, smiled a peaceful, understanding smile that spoke volumes to my heart, and said – “Romans 8:28 is still in the book!” I will never forget that day! It has obviously made an unforgettable impression on me for life!

I’ve seen this confirmed to be true over and over again, through the years. The Lord truly is able to work all things together for good in our lives when we trust Him, and love Him! He is able to do it even though it might be very hard to understand how things could ever (in a million years) work together for good, at times…

The following testimony is another one of those strange events that happen in our lives from time to time that seems to be working together for good in an amazing way…

window explodes on our vehicle

Recently, we found the window on the front passenger side of our van totally shattered, with glass everywhere – inside and outside the vehicle. It was for no apparent reason, and seems to be unexplainable, with no clues as to why it happened. The van was parked inside the gate at our church office where we normally park it. We have parked it there for many years now without a problem. We found it that way in the cool of early morning, so it shouldn’t have been some kind of a heat related issue.


When I went to the glass shop to have another window installed, one of the workers seemed quite troubled about current events in the world — all the bad news, death statistics, etc… When I went back to pick up our van after the window was installed, I took along some gospel tracts, hoping to have a chance to talk with her more about the Lord.


She was very open to hear the gospel. When I passed along the gospel tracts (“Bridge to Life” tracts), and said I could either come back another time, or share more with her right then, she eagerly invited me to come into the office to hear more about the gospel while I was still there. It was a joy to share with her the wonderful message of salvation, (along with another co-worker who joined us). She was very attentive, & taking notes as I shared the gospel message with her. After 20-30 minutes or so, she was ready to pray to receive the Lord right then & there! PTL! She seemed very sincere & appreciative, and her heart was obviously touched by the Lord…

I continued to make contact with her, & text more Bible verses. When I stopped at the shop to follow-up on her the next week she wasn’t at work that day due to some illness, but I had the opportunity to have a good visit with the owner/managers of the shop. They wanted to have a Bible Study there with their other employees, as well!


Last Tuesday we met there for a Bible study, with some more people wanting to pray to receive the Lord. They were excited about it, and wanted another Bible Study last week (2 in one week!) so we had another one there last Saturday. They even closed their shop early to avoid business distractions during the Bible Study! There were around 9 of them from their shop (plus 5 of our BTTI team) in attendance. Again, more of them prayed to receive the Lord! We had a glorious service right there in their shop! They told us they are wanting us to come there for Bible Studies every week, and seem so appreciative of the opportunity to receive instruction from God’s Word! Glory glory HALLELUJAH!


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