On the way back from our Sunday afternoon service several days ago, I was amazed with the following testimony…

One of our ministry team going there to minister is 8 years old! She sang a beautiful special number in the service! While driving her home, as I was talking with her, and asking some questions, I found out that she has already read through most of the New Testament (she’s in the book of Revelation now) — in around 2 months or so! She is also reading systematically through the Old Testament!

She sets her alarm to get up at 5:30 a.m. for devotions on a daily basis! She tries to read 10 chapters a day! No wonder she is being so mightily used by the Lord at such a young age!

Last Saturday at the Bible study in her home, she sang a special worship song (while she accompanied herself, playing the piano), and we all enjoyed singing along with her. She is a whole-hearted worship leader already! She also participates in our Bible Studies, reading verses, making meaningful comments & sharing insights & testimonies… It’s amazing! What an inspiration!

After the Bible study last Saturday at her home, she & her mother accompanied me to another Bible study nearby, where she also shared her testimony about what a difference Jesus is making her life! The people there were so-o blessed!

She tells me she wants to be a missionary! As you can see, she already is a missionary! I’m excited to see how the Lord is going to continue to use her in ministry among the nations…!

All glory to Jesus, from whom all blessings flow! This isn’t to exalt anyone but Jesus, who is the source of life, and who only does wondrous things. Let the whole earth be filled with His glory! (Psalm 72:18,19)

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