Recently I posted a testimony about the man who repairs our printer wanting to pray to receive the Lord, and have Bible studies with him there at his shop during lunch break.

Last Saturday I went there with a ministry teammate for our 2nd Bible study. All 3 of us prayed at the close of our session together, and I was especially impressed with his prayer. He thanked the Lord that we had been a “bridge” to him, and prayed that this would continue… All praise to Jesus! He who sees hearts, and knows all things is able to draw all men to Himself as He is exalted and lifted up!

computer repair

Several days ago I needed to take our office computer to the shop to get reformatted. While there, I was able to have a very meaningful conversation with the repairman about the Lord, who also showed interest to hear more about the gospel. When the boss came in, both of them indicated interest to hear more… We are trying to work out a schedule to go back there and have a Bible study with them as well, when able.


Recently I shared about finding one of the windows on our van shattered, and it needed to be replaced. It opened up a door of opportunity for regular Bible studies at the Auto Glass Repair shop that continue on a weekly basis. Last Saturday at the Bible Study several of the workers there were sharing helpful changes and spiritual growth happening in their lives. PTL!


Last week one of our neighbors from Nepal needed some help with the downgrading of his Visa to go back to Nepal to take his medical board exam. While expressing interest to help, I also asked if he would like me to pray with him regarding his board exam. He welcomed prayer. We prayed for the Lord to help him with his upcoming exam, standing there in the road in front of our house together. He seemed to welcome and appreciate it. He also wanted my email address. I went back into the house, wrote it on an extra children’s coloring paper that I found on the desk that said “Jesus Loves You So Much!” After I handed it to him, he went walking back down the road to his house reading that message… It’s just a little opportunity to plant a little gospel seed, but it is a powerful seed!


Recently termites attacked our house again, making a huge mess! We needed to dig out a mound in our yard and destroy the queen. I also needed to go to the Pest Aid office to get some chemical to spray around the yard in infested areas to kill them. I was surprised when a spontaneous conversation opened up there, to share the gospel right in the Pest Control office, as the office secretary showed interest to talk about the Lord. We talked for quite a while about the Lord. She seemed very appreciative! When I went to another store to get a sprayer, I had a chance to also talk further with one of the workers there also, who has shown interest and appreciation in hearing the gospel, and wants to be taught more about the Bible. PTL!


We don’t always know the reasons why we face the things we do in life. However, we can know this – all things can and do work together for good when we love the Lord, and are trusting Him to fulfill HIs precious promises!

I have shared these humble illustrations to give praise to the Lord, and to boast in His providence and care regarding some of the many troubles and difficulties we encounter, at times. Some people are so open to hear more about the gospel these troubling days, and what a joyful privilege it is to let the light shine, and exalt and lift up Jesus our Savior to a desperate world!

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