Recently I shared an inspirational post about one of the children’s (8 year old) devotional life. Last Saturday she attended 2 Bible Studies (1 in her home, the other with us at the Auto Glass shop). I was excited to hear her tell me that she has finished reading the New Testament now — in 90 days! She was also showing interest to memorize a whole chapter. One of the chapters I suggested was Psalm 23. When I called her on the phone yesterday to see how things are going, she told me that she is memorizing Psalm 23, and is up to 2 Chronicles chapter 10 in also reading through the Old Testament! Last night she came to our children’s teachers meeting with her Mom and when we asked her to she quoted the 1st 4 verses of Psalm 23 for us. Amazing! PTL!

I’m also hearing exciting reports about some of the other children. At the prayer meeting last week some of the children continue to attend and participate. Several of the children have been praying for their parents to start coming to church — with tears… One of the 7 year old boys had memorized his Bible verse so well, that he was the prompter when the other students were reciting…

Last Sunday I had the privilege of teaching one of the Children’s Church classes – helping them to catch a vision for becoming missionaries, and training them to share the gospel (just like Peter was a faithful, obedient missionary to share the gospel to Cornelius and his family). Fun!

Recently one of the teachers gave a report that following her teaching the story of Paul sharing the gospel to Lydia and leading her to the Lord some of the children were telling her that they want to be missionaries, too! More workers are desperately needed! May the Lord continue to raise up workers in every age to reach every age group for His glory – including precious children who are so teachable, willing, and eager to learn!

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