Happy to report that last Sunday after our service in Balanti there were 10 precious souls that were baptized! Glory, glory hallellujah!

It was an exciting, and precious time together! They were baptized in a nearby irrigation water holding tank!

At the end of the service they had opportunity to publicly confess their faith in the Lord Jesus as Savior. It was a very memorable time, as many of them shared their sincere desire to serve the Lord. Some shared with humble tears of joyful repentance. One even publicly asked forgiveness from a family member and followed the testimony by going to give them a big hug. They are experiencing exciting changes in their lives! PTL!

We heard exciting reports this week of the baptized youth gathering every evening to meet at the church with some of our workers there. Some of them are also gathering at the church daily in the mornings for devotions. All of the youth who were baptized last Sunday went along on an outreach helping share the gospel and evangelize. We are rejoicing in the progress, and good reports!

Below are a few more pics you might want to check out —

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  1. Thank you Dan Colleen and family for all the things that you do. Love looking at the pictures and hearing testimonies. I love you with all my heart. Because the king is a lover of my heart.


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