Several Sunday’s ago we were able to baptize 3 more men following our Sunday morning service! We praise the Lord for each one! Every soul is precious, and it God is not willing that any perish! (2 Peter 3:9)

One of them was a man who prayed to accept the Lord approximately 6 years ago, or so (but had never gotten water baptized, yet). At that time he was going through an extremely very low, difficult time in his life. He says he was considering suicide at that time, he was so depressed. Things were not going well in his family and business. His repair shop happened to be the one we chose to repair our car when an armored vehicle randomly went out of control and hit it while it was parked alongside the road, back then. One day, while I was there at his shop and we were sitting there chatting together in his kubo (nippa) hut, I had a chance to share the gospel with him. He prayed to receive the Lord right then and there. We have continued having Bible studies with him and his wife there at his shop/house over the years. Since the time that he prayed to receive the Lord things have turned around for him, and his life is now very blessed. He attributes that to the Lord, and gives praise to the Lord for the amazing changes, recovery in his business, and his new life. Recently, he came to the place of being willing and ready now to continue to commit to whole-heartedly serving the Lord, and witnessing to that by obediently following through with being baptized according to the Lord’s instructions. Last night as I was talking with him on the phone, he shared a testimony about continuing to be victorious (since his water baptism) in overcoming a smoking addiction stronghold that he has struggled with for so many years. He said he hasn’t smoked since getting baptized! Hallelujah! Jesus is a miracle-worker!

One of the men who got baptized is a very poor man who salvages recycle plastics and cardboard in the neighborhood in order to survive, who has been attending services, and asked to be baptized. Jesus came to preach the gospel to the poor! Hallelujah! 

The other man who was baptized is a brother of one of the families in our fellowship. He was visiting here in Tarlac City this last month. He works in Italy. He went back to Italy last week, but seemed very excited to be able to confirm his willingness to serve the Lord and get baptized before he needed to leave and go back to Italy. Hallelujah!

Glory glory hallelujah!

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