Praise the Lord for good things happening at weekly Bible studies in different places and at various homes, from week to week! We are experiencing joyful times of sharing together and fellowship centered around Jesus and His precious Word.

  • Special note: In the following testimony, I will use abbreviated letters when I refer to individuals, for anonymity…

In a Bible Study last night we were joined by R (recently baptized) owner/manager of a repair shop where our car was repaired after it was lambasted by an armored vehicle that went out of control while going past our car that was parked along the highway. God has done some amazing miracles in R’s life. He was almost at the point of suicide at that time, so depressed, feeling down and out about his business, life, and family – majorly in debt, etc. As our insurance company was stalling with the finances for the repair of our car, I made multiple trips there to his shop. One day I had a chance to share the gospel with him there in his bamboo Kubo Hut, and he wanted to pray to receive the Lord right there and then. His life was transformed. Now he is out of debt, doing well, happy, and he and his wife continuing to serve the Lord. When I was at the Bible study at R’s house yesterday morning, I asked him to come and share last night at the Bible Study time at D’s house, because I wanted a new couple (A & K) who attended last week and had prayed to receive the Lord at that time to hear his amazing testimony/story.

The contact with A happened through involvement with our church building project at Balanti, where he assisted us with his trucks – helping haul dirt and top course for the backhoe to spread on the road that we were building to our facility there. A hadn’t previously been interested in spiritual things, but in the process of our work there at Balanti we had a chance to talk about the Lord some, and he became interested to check into things, and brought his wife and kids to the Bible Study at D’s house last week. They said that it was the 1st time they had ever been to a Bible Study like that. They both prayed to receive the Lord… A his wife K and 2 kids were there again last night, and we had a wonderful time together! We anticipate another good time together next Friday night! R offered to come again without even being asked, and even promised to treat and bring pizza next week! Good friendship/fellowship times are being built and in process… 🙂 PTL!!

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