“Thanks be to God who ALWAYS causes us to TRIUMPH through our Lord Jesus Christ” – 2 Corinthians 2:14.

Jesus is coming for a glorious,  triumphant, and overcoming church! (Ephesians 5:27).


We can ALWAYS tRIUMPH through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and continually being filled with the Holy Spirit! (Acts 1:8; Ephesians 5:18). We are more than conquerors through Christ! (Romans 8:37).

We can ALWAYS TRIUMPH through the “Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God”! (Ephesians 6:17). God’s Word is powerful! (Hebrews 4:12).

We can ALWAYS TRIUMPH because of Christ in us! Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world (Colossians 1:27; I John 4:4).

We can ALWAYS TRIUMPH because of what was accomplished on the cross. (Colossians 2:13-15) Jesus won the victory!(I Corinthians I5:57). Jesus said, “It is finished”! (John 19:30). The victory was accomplished, and the battle won once and for all! (Hebrews 7:27; 9:12; 10:10).


Now we can continually celebrate that victory Jesus accomplished on the cross, regardless of circumstances or feelings! (I Corinthians 15:57).


Recently during a joyful time of praise and worship celebration at one of our services one of our pastors saw an open heavens, and angels dancing and joyfully celebrating along with us. He said one of the angels was holding a banner, and waving it back and forth. It was a white banner with the word “VICTORY” written across it in red letters. He didn’t see the trumpet, but he said he also heard the sound of a trumpet. Hallelujah!


At our Men’s Meeting this morning (June 18, 2022) our theme was “Mighty Men are Triumphant!”

Before we closed there were several outstanding testimonies. One of the men said that he began ‘speaking in tongues’ during our praise and worship time. He said he hadn’t understood about ‘speaking in tongues’ before, and had laughed about it in his heart. Now he personally experienced it, and was speaking respectfully about it…

Another young man testified to seeing a vision. He said that while we were praising the Lord, he saw clouds swirling, and then the clouds  parted and a bright light shone through.

While we were worshiping another man was reminded of Isaiah 64:1 – “Oh, that You would rend the heavens! That You would come down! That the mountains might shake at Your presence…” That was a beautiful prophetic confirmation from the Lord! Both men were unaware of what the Lord was impressing the other one with. Glory to God!

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