(This is a continuation of the “Come walk with me” reports of our missions trip last month to Polillio Islands.)


In my last post, I included a picture of a lobster being carried to market, riding on the boat with us as we left the island where our missions base is located, heading for home. I will include several more lobster pictures (see below), for your interest. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen ones as beautiful or big as these!

Our Creator is AWESOME! What a beautiful, amazing, intricately made creature the lobster is!!

Media – Press

For our trip, we got “Media-Press” cards for the whole team, in case we were denied transportation access somewhere along the way. The media has special privileges for travel here in the PI, and of course we are legitimate – sharing the “Good News”! What better news is there? (see card below). We had the driver’s card dangling from our rear view mirror in both vehicles going and coming.

Bearing the GOOD NEWS!
SPIN Media is an advocate of positive news reporting! PTL!

LIFE Transformation

One of the young men whose life had been greatly impacted during our time there was tearful at our time of departure, sharing how his life would never be the same…

I think most of us could affirm that, likewise for us, it was definitely an unforgettable, and memorable mission trip!

Psalm 91

In the car as I was driving back, I was helping one of our teammates memorize in Psalm 91. We had been quoting verse 3, together – … “surely He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler” shortly before we were stopped by a traffic enforcer near an intersection at one of the main highways in Manila.

Traffic enforcers don’t have to be our enemies, they can be helpful – but when some of them look for bribes in order to appease them, it can be very trying… We’re not sure if that was this officer’s hidden motive was, but it seemed rather suspicious. Our teammates were praying in the car, as I talked with him. When he asked to see my drivers license, took it, and had it there in his hand, he threatened to keep it and make me come all the way back to Manila in 5 days to pick it up.

Matthew 5:7 – “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”!

Over the years, I have found that the Word of God is powerful, and does wonders in these kinds of situations. I quoted that verse – “BLESSED ARE THE MERCIFUL, FOR THEY SHALL OBTAIN MERCY” a number of times to him, as I pleaded for him to give my license back and allow us to go on our way. Reluctantly, he finally handed my license back to me (without demanding anything), and we were thankfully and joyfully on our way home again, without mishap. PTL! The Lord is our help in times of trouble! (Psalm 46:1)


The testimony time went for around 2 to 2 1/2 hours Sunday night before we left the island to come home. Even after returning here to Tarlac City we continue to receive good reports and hear exciting testimonies from our resident pastor there in Patnanungan about the wonderful things the Lord has done and is doing…

There are reports of restoration and life transformations. Some have testified to being filled with the Spirit as evidenced by speaking in tongues. PTL! There was a report of 5 more praying to accept the Lord during times of visitation, and a number of home Bible Studies have been reactivated already! PTL!


Upon arriving back in Tarlac City, our de-briefing time with our missions team went for another 1 1/2 hours, as we re-counted together with our teammates here the Lord’s obvious blessings and many answers to prayer on our missions trip! We continue to give the Lord praise!


I am including some more pictures taken on the trip (see below) for your interest. I’m only sharing 20 more pics in this post (out of the dozens that could be shared). The ones shown below are miscellaneous pictures primarily of landscapes and scenery, to help you envision the beautiful creative works of God enjoyed on our walk. Since this is a “Come Walk With Me” report, these pictures will help include you in our trip by sharing with you some of the sights along the way… Be blessed!

On hillside above the Multi-Purpose Building at our missions base — our new banana planting site.
Beautiful view looking from the deck of our Multi-purpose Building toward the beach.
Manisiwa – (Bird Island)” as viewed from the beach at our missions base.
Along the roadway of the beach front at our missions base.
On hillside above buildings at Polillio missions base (not far from where we are prayerfully considering the possibility of putting a radio tower).
Beautiful white sandy beaches and tropical waters seascape
A little further, a walking along the beautiful white sandy beach.
Beautiful flowers in landscape along the way…
A Mongolia tree along the beach
Flower fallen from the Mongolia tree in the sand. Can you see the gold pollen from the tips on the white sand?
Are you enjoying the walk? This is farther down the beach as we walk along… 🙂
More tropical sights in the landscape along the beach
It’s a beautiful day, surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation at the beach! Hope you like our walk on the beach! 🙂
Bridge near beach. A scenic reminder of “Bridge to the Islands”…
Picnic at the beach on our rest day.
Our team and company enjoying our picnic at the beach on our rest day.
Shell I found on our walk down the beach 🙂
Another beautiful seascape on our walk 🙂
Unfinished Bridge – scenic seascape reminder of “Bridge to the Islands and Nations!”
We continue to pray to Jesus, ‘LORD OF THE HARVEST’ to send laborers into the ripe harvest fields of the world to complete the unfinished task of reaching the nations with the powerful gospel. There are multitudes of people that still need to be rescued — who are heading toward destruction and a Christ-less eternity, without hope, and without the truth. Let’s do our best to work together in doing our part to help fulfill the ‘GREAT COMMISSION’ and reach them with the life-giving message of salvation that is found only through Jesus while there is time – before they perish… !

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