God is a God of miracles! Yesterday I was impressed with a ‘rhema’ word – “run through a troop, and leap over a wall!” We were facing a very difficult situation that naturally looked extremely impossible without the Lord’s miraculous help! We needed an urgent answer to prayer!

            Without going into all the details, here is a summary of what happened. Due to some complicated circumstances in the re-location of our home and moving, we hadn’t been able to make our previously scheduled flight to the PI over a month ago. Although we had been promised a refund for the flight, we had not received it yet. It was looking very doubtful as to whether or not we would ever receive our promised refund.  We were also experiencing great difficulties and complications when we tried to at least re-book our flight again.

            Based on that encouraging word from the Lord yesterday about “leaping over a wall”, I was on the phone a lot of the day, going back and forth between travel agencies and several airlines. I kept coming up against what seemed to be an impassible wall, and was given the ‘run-around’ over and over again between the travel agencies and airlines, seeming to go in circles, not going anywhere. It was a temptation to wonder if I was just wasting my time! I was on long holds, with their monotonous “hold, on-line music” going over and over in my ears, hour after hour. I kept reminding myself of the Word of the Lord. What He had so clearly seemed to impress me that day was – “leap over a wall, leap over a wall, LEAP OVER A WALL…”.  

It ended up involving probably several dozen people or so (a whole troop of people) before we were through. The airlines were saying that re-booking or refunding needed to be done by the travel agency. The travel agency was refusing to do it, and telling us to contact the airlines to do it – over and over again. Finally at the end of the day, when the travel agency had once again refused, saying they could not do it and that we needed to contact the airlines again, I decided to give it a try (although the airlines had refused to do it for us several times already as well). I had kept hitting into what seemed to be an impassable wall. We obviously needed the Lord’s help! I decided to give the Lord one more chance to do a miracle for us with these matters. As mentioned, I had already tried several times. Here came another try, for whatever it was worth…

This time when I called, although it was the same airlines, I randomly was connected with a very helpful agent and supervisor located in a different city than the ones I had previously talked with. They were kind and understanding, accommodating, and willing to help us out! They promised to send us a full flight refund check in the mail within a week, for the flights from Portland back to Manila that we had missed! PTL!!  

Also, along the way we had already been promised several courtesy airline travel voucher coupons that were worth a number of hundreds of dollars, for discounts on our next flights! Those voucher discount codes were emailed to us today! That was such a special, unexpected, and added bonus gift for our persistence, and the Lord’s favor! Hallelujah!

God is so good! He helped us to make it through and over that seemingly impassable wall, and through the troop (host) of opposition that we faced. Not only that, we were blessed even more financially for our trouble — above and beyond our prayers and expectations!  We give the Lord all praise and glory! He is Worthy!!

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  1. Wonderful provision of God – yes the airlines can be a hassle, such as canceling their flight and making you stay all night in the airport, we have learned to call the airline desk a number of times, and we also have gotten good amounts of vouchers for future flight reductions. blessings Phil


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