Here is an exciting testimony from last weekend. After our special Christmas Eve Sunday morning service as I was passing out some candy canes that we brought here from the U.S. for them, one of the little girls – “Shania” who is 7 yrs old excitedly told me that she had just finished reading through the New Testament the night before! Her Daddy tells me that the Bible is the first book she has ever read (after she learned how to read sentences)! Isn’t that amazing? At 7 years old! Who knowsmaybe Shania sets a world record?  She is able to join with us at our special Bible Reading Rewards Dinner next month… Yeah!

What about you this coming year? Are you continuing to read and study the Bible? If that is what a 7 year old can do, it doesn’t leave the rest of us with a legitimate excuse for being slack concerning Bible reading and study! It is a worthy, and rewarding endeavor! Let’s keep up the good work!

Sheniah’s daddy told me that when Sheniah was reading the book of Revelation she got kinda scared, because it talked about a “beast”…! Her daddy assured her not to be afraid, because Jesus “beats the beast!!Hallelujah!🙌