Good day! …the testimony I shared in San Luis (Tarlac City)… I also tried to find my lab result and medical certificate so I can attach it in my email as proof 🙂 Well, I just wanted to share the testimony with you because I know God is glorified. 

I have a testimony though it was not recent but I will never forget what the Lord has done because I consider it a miracle up to this day. When I was about three months pregnant with my third child, I had a lot of pain and struggles that were far different from what I experienced with my first two daughters. It was indeed a very difficult pregnancy and I came to the point where I was already crying out to God and praying what Jesus prayed to his Father at the garden of Gethsemane: “Father, If it is possible, take this cup away from me, yet not my will but yours be done”. This is because I was in constant pain and I do not know what was wrong. Then, when I had to see my doctor, she told me to have a lab test including my sugar so I did, and I was surprised that the result of my fasting blood sugar was high and I realized that this is why I feel the symptoms of diabetes. I feel so restless, weak, shaking and in a lot of pain. My doctor even told me that if I still have the same result a month after, she will be referring me to an Endocrinologist to manage my sugar and I will be taking insulin all throughout my pregnancy so I can protect my baby from getting diabetes. This thing made me so anxious, full of fear, and I just wanted to give up my pregnancy. I felt like I was in a dark valley and my faith was really shaken. But amidst all this, I kept on crying out to God, rebuking diabetes and I kept declaring healing and normal results for my next lab test almost everyday. I stood my ground, and I kept my faith. One sunday (March 26, 2023), we went to church and sister Roxanne was leading the worship and the song she was singing is titled “IN CONTROL”. I was not familiar with that song because it was new to me but while I was singing it, I felt the Lord speaking to me with what is in the lyrics. Part of it says: “Though the seas are raging, you will speak and tame them, in you I find my rest, you are in control”. These words made me cry because with all that I am going through I felt like my seas are raging, but the Lord is telling me and assuring me that He will speak and tame them because He is in control! I claimed that promise at that moment and I felt the peace of God and after I worshipped the Lord I was just so happy because I felt anxiety and fear just left me. I cannot forget the dates, because exactly a month after this experience, on April 26, 2023 I had my next lab test for monitoring my fasting blood sugar. But the night before I had the lab test (April 25), I had a dream and God showed me in my dream A NORMAL RESULT of my fasting blood sugar and I woke up rejoicing and claiming that I will get that normal result that day and guess what? When I got the result, it was like I was looking at the same result I saw in my dream! God is sooo good! Hallelujah! I am beyond words and I cannot thank Him enough. I went home rejoicing and in tears of joy because I know this is the work of God. Even after I gave birth I went to get my sugar tested and I got the same normal result and I praise the Lord for what He has done. All praises and glory to God alone! 

Attached are pictures of my medical certificate when I saw my doctor last March 15, 2023 and my normal result of FBS last April 26, 2023. 

Best,SUNSHINE Y. MIRANDA, MPA-HM, RRTProgram Chair, Department of Radiologic TechnologyCollege of Allied Medical ProfessionsAngeles University FoundationMac Arthur Highway, Angeles City 2009

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